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1. Working harder equates to more money


There is nothing wrong with working hard! It can lead to wealth, however, this is not the only outcome. There are multiple ways to reach a goal.

Instead of hyper focusing on “working hard,” why not look towards working smarter, or more effectively and efficiently?

There are endless active and passive income options available that can help you work towards wealth.

2. Budgets are complicated to make and hard to follow

A budget is as complicated as you make it out to be.

The beauty of budgeting is that you are able to create a personalized system in whatever way helps you effectively track and manage your money.

You can choose to get specific with something like the zero-based budgeting system or simply pay yourself first and spend the rest as you wish.

Budgeting is about creating the freedom to spend without getting you into more debt. When you think budget, think freedom.

3. Only the rich get richer

Why would anyone want to believe this?

Don’t fall for this limiting belief. It is absolutely not true. If it were, then 80% of America’s millionaires wouldn’t be first generation millionaires.

If you are ready to build your wealth, living below your means can help you get started.

Having the additional income to save and invest will lead you down the road towards financial freedom!

4. 100% of your income should come from your “day” job

This is not true. From childhood, we are taught that we need a stable job in order to have the lifestyle we desire.

While there is nothing wrong with having one income source, it does put your financial stability and lifestyle at the mercy of your employer.

This is the same principle as “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” I encourage you to think outside the box and look for other ways to generate income outside of your primary job.

Not only will this help you build wealth and create the life that you dream of, but it can help you achieve a new level of stability and peace of mind.

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