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Community Tip #4 - Swipe With A Conscience

Instagram Handle: @Dollarswithdani

Age Range & Occupation: 28, HR Professional

Location: Boston, MA

Do you consider yourself a saver, a spender, or a little of both ?

I would consider myself a bit of both. I prioritize my savings, but I also budget so that I can spend on the things that I would like to.

Care to share a milestone you are proud of? Celebrate your wins!

Maxing out my Roth IRA.

The first few years I had a Roth IRA, I was only putting a couple thousand in it. Partly because I wasn’t prioritizing it in the way that I needed to be. Then, I decided to essentially make a Roth IRA sinking fund that I would put money into, and then each month I’d have a $500 automatic deduction come out of my sinking fund and into my Roth IRA. It made it much easier to reach my goal! 

Share a lesson you've learned and a tip you would give others:

Treat your credit card like you would a debit card and only spend money that you already have! Don't get in the habit of spending more than you have, or it'll end up costing you money in interest payments. 

Once you've spent, pay off your statement in full every month!

When I first got a credit card, I didn’t realize quite how easy it would be to spend on it. Around that same time I moved to a high cost of living city, where I was adjusting to a much more expensive lifestyle. There were a couple months in a row where I overspent on my credit card, and had to pull from my emergency fund in order to pay off the balance. Overspending on my credit card made me take a step back in a different area of my financial journey (my emergency fund!). 

This was a tough lesson to learn, but an important one.

What do you consider to be the worst financial advice you've gotten?

People often say that you only need $1,000 in an emergency fund.

Unless you live in an extremely low cost of living area, $1,000 won't help much in an emergency!


Special thanks to @Dollarswithdani for the tip! Check out her instagram here or read the DollarswithDani blog here

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